Located on a large bay on the Sea of Cortez, La Paz is 137 miles (220 km) by road north of the southern tip of the peninsula. La Paz was founded by Hernan Cortez on May 3, 1535 but the hostility of the environment forced him to retreat a year later. Other efforts to colonize the area brought Sabastian Vizcaino in 1596, the Jesuits Juan de Ugarte and Jaime Bravo in 1720 and finally in 1811, Jose Espinoza who established the first permanent settlement that turned La Paz into the capital of Baja California Sur in 1830.

The best beaches for swimming and sunbathing are found north of the city. Playa Palmira, Playa el Coromuel, Playa Pichilingue, Playa Balandra, Playa el Tecolote are havens for the beach lovers. In this excursion, after a guided city tour in La Paz, the customers will be transported to the breathtakingly beautiful Playa Balandra, and to Playa Tecolote, where they can spend the time swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing


Todos Santos is a beautiful little village on the Pacific Ocean. It was founded as a mission in 1724 and later became a major sugar cane producer. This little village has been declared by the Mexican Government a historical city. It has always been considered a special place, as reflected by its live theater, art galleries, and historical homes. Primarily, Todos Santos is a place where people find peace to pursue individual self-expression. The climate is delightful with year-round temperatures in the 70's and 80's (21-27 Celsiusdegrees). Todos Santos creates the spectacular oasis that distinguishes the region. Orchards of mangoes, papayas and various vegetables flourish here. Todos Santos is an authentic Mexican village; the people are happy, kind and gentle.

■Excursion time: 5 hrs
■Lunch at a restaurant included
■Price per person: USD 85
■Min. 2 pax


The island of Espiritu Santo possesses the most stunning views of all the islands in the Sea of Cortés. Its contrasting desert landscapes and reddish limestone cliffs juxtaposed with a turquoise blue sea is a breathtaking example of the exquisite vistas found here.

In this excursion, the visitors will have a chance to admire Ensenada de Pescadores, a quiet beach with few visitors except for the fishermen that inhabit a small dwelling set away from the beach with its own sheltered slipway. We will also pass by Playa Partida. There are actually two sand spits in this “gap” between the two islands. On the northeastern spit, up against the rocks, there is a marvelous spot to make camp. The huge crater walls that surround this area and the vast expanse of shallow water provide a spectacular view. The box lunch will be served in Candelero, considered by many the most attractive bay on the island. It has a stunning beach with a spectacular ridge splitting the bay in half with several detached islets and a larger island in the middle of the bay. Further attractions include an interesting 10-minute hike up the northern arroyo.
■Excursion time: 7 hrs
■Box lunch included
■Price per person: USD 110
■Min 2 pax


Enjoy some of the best dive sites in the area and amaze by the biodiversity you’ll discover beneath the sea. The Sea of Cortez offers some of the best diving in the world, as Jacques Cousteau called it, “Aquarium to the World”. Play with sea lions or dive with hammerhead sharks or the beautiful giant mantas! Only certified divers are allowed to dive. Depending on the underwater conditions, most of the dives are very easy; however some sites are only for divers with some experience.

The trip itinerary is flexible and dependent on the weather, dive master, captain criteria and wishes of the group.


Enjoy the graceful gentleness of these Giant fish. The largest fish on the world, the whale shark enjoys the warm waters of La Paz Baywhere it feeds with no hurries at all, giving us the opportunity for an up-close observation in his natural habitat, this is one snorkel experience you will never forget, their slow movements gives you a rush of positive energy together with the adrenaline experience of swimming with these giants of the seas. The excursion includes transportation, whale shark search and swim, certified guide, snacks and beverages.

La Paz